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295/75r24.5, 11r24.5

295/75r24.5, 11r24.5


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A little history on Big Rig tires 

In North America, most semi-tractors, commonly referred to as tractor-trailers, semis, big rigs, and large cars, have two or three axles and for special purposes such as hauling heavy-duty commercial construction machinery, occasionally four or five. The most common layout is engine forward of the cab, one steering axle, and two drive axles (drive tandem) with a sleeper between the cab and the drive tandem. The drive tandem can be linked to provide more torque when higher traction is needed via an airlocker similar to a 4×4 pickup. Less common is the Cabover, a configuration popular before the 1990s where the driver sat next to the engine. With changes to the maximum length of the combined units, the cabover configuration was mostly phased out of North American Over the Road service by 2007. Cabovers were also notorious for the mechanic, as the cab tilt was never a full 90 degrees. This made for a rough time servicing the front part of the engine. There are also Daycabs, a configuration that eliminates the sleeper from the vehicle. These trucks more often than not have a single drive axle. Most trucks are equipped with a movable fifth wheel to allow adjustment in the weight distribution. North American trucks must have less than the maximum weight limit on their tandem and steer axles unless permitted. In the United States, 80,000 pounds is the maximum allowable legal gross vehicle weight without a permit. The cargo trailer usually has a “tandem” axle pair at the rear, each of which has dual wheels, or eight wheels on the trailer, four per axle. Many trailers are equipped with a movable tandem to allow adjusting the weight distribution. The combination of eight wheels on the trailer and ten wheels on the tractor is what led to the moniker “eighteen wheeler”.

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Tow Truck Farmers Branch

Tow Truck Farmers Branch

Towing in Farmers Branch, Texas

If you need a Tow Truck anywhere in Texas we are fast, dependable and always reasonably priced. 214-682-7558 or 972-900-7375

We see them all the time and they are always there when we need them; yes, tow trucks! There is much more to towing than picking up cars on the side of the road, or removing illegally parked vehicles from commercial properties. Continue reading to learn about the world of towing, or at least the types of commodities tow trucks are capable of hauling.


Need Service? Get a Tow Truck 214-682-7558 or 972-900-7375






Cars and Trucks

car and truck towing texasThis is the most obvious type of towing referred to all over the country, tow trucks are capable of towing any make or model car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle. Although this is the most familiar towing job, this does not mean they are the easiest. All tows are different and it depends on a number of variables. Things like the condition of the vehicle, the location of the vehicle, and much more. Class I hitches are typically used in tows under 2000 pounds; but some companies use flatbed tow trucks, which are just as safe and effective.

Boats, Trailers, and RV’s

RV_Towing_TexasThere are many different make and model tow trucks on the road today. Some of these trucks are able to tow things like boats, campers, recreational vehicles, jet skis, and trailers! On top of cars and trucks, many tow operators retain the appropriate hitches or beds to transfer these commodities from one location to another. For items between 200 and 3500 pounds, a class II hitch is usually required; unless using a flatbed.

Semi-Trucks and Air Planes

tow truck texasMany people are unaware that there are tow trucks that even provide heavy duty tow jobs, such as planes, semi-trucks, and even houses! Duplex homes, large trucks and vans, and even air planes are all things that have required tows in the past. The correct truck can handle these heavy duty jobs with no problem. It does, however, require a towing professional and meticulous expertise to successfully and safely carry out these types of towing projects.

If you would like to know more about light to heavy duty towing, or how to tow something using a particular tow hitch, call a professional for advice at 214-682-7558 or 972-900-7375 today. Massey Towing is Texas leading tow experts that can cover any type of tow, from cars to planes. We offer free estimates, advice, cash for cars, and much more. Visit our website for more information about our services at any time. Quality towing in Texas is just a phone call away! 214-682-7558 or 972-900-7375


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